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When Conrad asked about a freelance writer for his blogs, I considered offering up several talented and skilled freelance writes, until he told me his story. The biggest complaint he had about working with independent freelance writers was their lack of confidence. He refused to deal with any more of the same variety writers who didn't know enough about what they were doing to present their work with confidence.
How about you?
More often than not a writer who hasn't been published lacks confidence, hesitates to offer strong content, and wastes the time of the buyer by spewing negative inconsistencies during an interview. The words, "I can't... " should NEVER be uttered when presenting yourself or your skills to a buyer.
Use your freelance writing skills to create a polished presentation to buyers regarding your writing skills.
Write down a list of skills, talents, and experiences you've had that would make your writing more effective than any other writer for the jobs at hand.
Listen closely when the buyer is telling you what they want you to write, and offer back an effective plan of providing their project on time, including all of their requirements.
Be prepared to offer qualified reasons why you're the best person for their writing job.
Have an expert portfolio ready to present when requested.
Whether your exchange is via email, private messenger, text, or phone - few will be in person - be cordial, use your best grammar/spelling/punctuation, and stay on topic.
Don't under-charge for your skills.
If they're buying your work, they're used to paying for writing services, don't undercut your prices or sell yourself short. Be sure you're value is represented and ask for equitable payment for your services.
Build a Quality portfolio as you work, and present it on a professional website.
Obviously, there are many ways to build a portfolio, not the least of which is offering up some high-quality work to local businesses for a discounted price, in order to grab testimonials, references, and the printed object in your portfolio. But don't stop there. Every time you complete a job, unless there is a copyright issue - such as you sold the rights to your work - be sure to add all of these to your website.
You'll want a professional website, well presented with clean lines, detailed pages, and reference points that represent your writing skills to market your work. Don't settle for less than a quality site with viable keyword references and great marketing options.
If you know that you want to write for profit, then you'll be interested in Freelance Writing, and how you can benefit from visiting Jan offers information and details about how you can write for profit and enjoy what you do, while earning an income from your efforts.

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